How to Order

1. Select Product

Click “New Arrival” or “Categories” on the section above in the website. Select product you interest and click the product for further information.

2. Add to Cart

Choose your product, then click “Add to Cart” to purchase and view your order by clicking "Cart". Don't forget to fill the "Qty" in the box.

3. Review Your Bag

Click on the "My Bag" section on the upper-right section of the website to review your items.

4. Check Out

If you done with your order, click “Check Out”. Please note that product availability is not guaranteed before you check out.

5. Sign In

You can “Sign In” if you already have sign up. If you new customer, you can choose to “Sign Up” or you can “Check Out as Guest”. 

6. Review Your Order

Review the list of items that you want to purchase and click “Place Order” to submit your order. Also, don't forget to tick the "I agree to Terms of Use and Privacy Policy".

7. Finish Shopping

An on-screen receipt with an “Order ID” will appear. You will need the these to confirm payment and to check your order status. Make sure you write down your “Order ID” in case you need it later. We will also send you the payment details to your email address.

8. Confirm Payment

If you already make payment, comfirm your payment by click "Confirm Payment" in the left section in this website.